HireVue for Recruiting:
Native App

Enhancements and new feature development 2021-2022

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HireVue for Recruiting: Native App

The HireVue Platform

The HireVue platform enables users to create, schedule, and assess asynchronous and in-person job interviews. The primary interview format is on-demand video interviewing. Interviewing panel members can record their questions, and candidates can record their answers for later evaluation. On average, candidates complete 18,000 interviews a day. Candidates have the flexibility to participate in these interviews at their convenience.

Project Context

HireVue offers two native apps that cater to both iPhone and Android users. The first app, known as "HireVue for Candidates," is designed for candidates applying for positions. The second app, "HireVue for Recruiting," is intended for talent acquisition specialists, hiring managers, and interview panelists. 

The "HireVue for Candidates" app enables candidates to participate in asynchronous on-demand interviews as well as live interviewing sessions as part of the hiring process.


On the other hand, the "HireVue for Recruiting" app allows recruiters to join live interviews through their mobile phones and also evaluate candidates who have taken part in on-demand or live interviews.

Many of HireVue's customers heavily rely on these mobile apps to ensure the success of their hiring teams. Some exclusively use the native apps on tablets, while others prefer using them solely on their smartphones. Alongside updating the live interviewing experience, there was a need to revamp the native mobile experience to align seamlessly with the new live interviewing features. The evaluation space was also enhanced to accommodate these recent changes.

HireVue for Recruiting: Native App

Team Members

  • Alison Hartle - Product Management

  • Bradley Trinnaman - Product Design

  • Lani Tripoli - Engineering

  • Ivan Bitskevych - Engineering

Design Responsibilities

  • Partner with a product manager to assist in discovery efforts

  • Usability research and data analysis

  • Contribute to release strategy

  • Assist in competitive analysis

  • Handoff prototypes and static mockups for development inspection

  • Review the development builds before launching to production

Images of the HireVue for Recruiting app created for App Store landing pages

Problem Space

The live interviewing experience has been purposefully tailored for job interviews, integrating additional features like a schedule section, interview questions, candidate reviews, and chat functionality. While the desktop version of "Live 3" can comfortably accommodate these elements due to its ample screen real estate, adapting them to a mobile interface posed the main challenge. The goal was to ensure a consistent and intuitive experience for users during in-person interviews. 


Initially, the evaluation space had a distinct scorecard from the live interviewing experience, but updates were needed to maintain coherence between the two. Also, a notable challenge lies in the variance of the interviewing experience for candidates compared to hiring managers and interview panelists. Candidates have limited access to certain features, such as viewing questions, ratings, and recommendations during the interview process.

HireVue for Recruiting: Native App

Comparison of UI components from desktop to mobile counterparts

(Left) a view of the interviewing space

(Right) The schedule used to view multi-session interviews

Who I am designing for:
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They are ready to showcase their education and qualities to potential employers, despite gaps in experience or education. They also aim to evaluate if the company and role align with their career aspirations and personal values.

Goals and Behaviors:
They look for jobs that meet their requirements in terms of compensation, schedule flexibility, commute time, career growth, and skill development.

Pain Points:
They feel overwhelmed by the extensive forms, assessments, and additional materials required for each application.

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Interview Panelist

Interview panelists assist hiring managers in conducting candidate interviews, and evaluating them according to criteria and job requirements. Their responsibilities include conducting structured interviews, posing relevant questions, and actively listening to candidates' responses.

Goals and Behaviors:
Evaluate job applicants thoroughly to find qualified individuals aligned with the company's values and requirements.

Pain Points:
Training on potential biases and mitigating them through structured interview techniques and objective evaluation criteria.

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Hiring Manager

Responsible for overseeing the recruitment and selection process for various positions within the organization. They align candidates with company values and goals. Hiring manager responsibilities are additional to regular duties.

Goals and Behaviors:
Identify and hire candidates with the required skills and qualifications.

Pain Points:
Struggle with learning and adapting to new technologies. Responsibilities are additional to regular duties.

Discovery and Research Overview

During the discovery phase, we conducted interviews with users from our beta pool in the "Life 3 Beta." Many of these users were already familiar with older versions of the mobile apps, and we sought feedback on areas that could be improved. One prominent area that stood out was enhancing the interface to make multi-session interviews more user-friendly and enabling hiring managers and interview panelists to view scheduled interviews.


Additionally, I collaborated with an engineering partner to conduct performance testing, evaluating different bandwidth speeds to gauge the effectiveness of a full interview with eight participants joining. These findings influenced the design of the live interviewing section to optimize bandwidth usage, resulting in the display of only five out of the eight streams at a time to save data costs and improve visual space on the interface.

HireVue for Recruiting: Native App

Animation from the prototype: How users navigate the new scorecard sheet component

Mobile Evaluator: Usability Study

For the evaluation aspect of the "HireVue for Recruiting" app, I focused on updating the scorecard area to align with the scorecard from the live interviewing section of the app. To assess usability, moderated usability tests were set up, with the goal of observing how quickly participants could leave reviews and how intuitive the process was on a mobile phone.

Participants appreciated the ability to leave notes while the video portion of the interview played in the background, a crucial feature for hiring managers and interview panelists who need to document their decision-making thought process for compliance purposes. The studies indicated that the new scorecard component was generally intuitive, although some participants faced challenges finding the space to complete the evaluation.

*During this study, I received assistance from Michaela Bonkemeyer, a designer on my team. She incorporated audio/video and type input interactions into the prototype using ProtoPie.

It's important to note that the candidate featured in the video responses is Elisabeth Kantornik, a UX Researcher, and the responses presented are simulated and not real.

Design Solutions:
HireVue for Recruiting - Evaluator
Selection of states from the Evaluator for Live Interviews
Hiring Managers can view if a Candidate participated in a coding challenge
Interaction flow detailing how a user leaves ratings with competencies
Live Interviewing
HireVue for Recruiting: Native App

User flow showing how a Hiring Manager participates in a scheduled 1:1 interview with a Candidate.

HireVue for Recruiting: Native App

(Left)The view changes to an Active Speaker view when there are more than two participants.

(Center) Chat and notes during interviews is synced with the Desktop and Evaluator views.

(Right) After the interview is complete, a survey asks how the quality of the call was for reporting proposes.

Project Outcomes

The feedback received from usability tests and subsequent interviews with the beta pool participants was positive. Additionally, a customer who exclusively utilizes the tablet version of the apps provided feedback stating that it significantly enhanced their team's productivity during candidate reviews.